When I first told my dogs, Henry and Gigi, that I would be doing this blog, they said, “Oh noes! We has enuf werk!” (They sometimes speak in loldog.) On my original blog, the dogs are frequently called upon to pose with purses and other objects, so the idea of more camera time overwhelmed them. Henry passed out from exhaustion at the mere thought.

“I’m soooo tired.”

gucci bag and dogDespite his concerns, Henry was energized by his first trip to the studio. It helped that Clementine cuddled him a lot. Henry likes the ladies. He likes the men too. He’s very friendly. I worry that if I turn my back on him for a second, he’ll go home with anyone who pets him. Hussy!

Henry stopped to smell the flowers at the front desk only to discover that some were plaid. The faux bouquet was made by an artist out of scraps of fabric from Christian’s fall collection. Clever, no?

But Henry was most intrigued by something he saw in the bookcase: Christian’s CFDA award from 1990.

He was happy to pose with it.

Henry would be honored just to be nominated!
“I can has award?”

Here’s a closeup to show it’s really Christian’s.

This particular award was the Perry Ellis award for emerging talent. (The award is now sponsored by Swarovski; Alexander Wang won it this year.) Christian was a whopping 21 years old when he won his. Kind of a late bloomer, right? Seriously, though, the typical person’s big accomplishment at that age is legally buying a beer. Meanwhile Christian was doing a whole clothing line.

I have lots of pictures of Christian’s ’90s work on my regular blog. Check out these links:

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Henry will visit the studio again soon and will report back on any other interesting tidbits that he sniffs out.