If you talk about beauty innovations, South Korea is the first thing that comes to mind. The fast-fashion industry is a new trend that has paved the way for brands like Uniqlo and H&M to rise to fame across the world. In the past, people were more practical in that they only bought clothes that they needed for the season. Reusing your sweater every year used to be acceptable. However, these days, because of the low cost of clothing, more people are willing to try different styles and designs that suit their interests.

Korean beauty products to complete the trendy 10 step routineJust like with fashion, the South Korean beauty industry is no different, with lots of products being released season after season. There are over a hundred BB and CC creams to choose from, and facial masks that won’t run out of unique ingredient combinations. When it comes to cosmetics and skin care, South Korea is no stranger to constant innovation. And with the massive advertising budgets South Korean beauty product manufacturers enjoy, everyone outside the country is now exposed to these beauty secrets. The government has been especially supportive, too, with tax incentives and state funding that it generously gives out to beauty innovators. Fans can now be found far and wide, from New Zealand to Chile and South Africa.

The reason as to why Korean beauty products have become popular through the years is because they got to perfect the “no makeup” look. Many people strive to achieve this look, where they look incredibly polished and blemish-free, while not being too obvious with the cover-up. Most people cannot tell that you are wearing makeup if you make it as natural as possible. That’s why this is the look that most people want to achieve.

BB cream, CC cream, and blush and lip tints are some of the most well-loved South Korean beauty products around the world. As you can see, these promise the “no makeup” look, where you get to appear sleek and spotless without being too tacky in doing so. BB and CC creams allow you to hide your blemishes, and these help your skin look smooth and silky. Blush and lip tints will enable you to look like you have naturally rosy cheeks and red lips. If you are unaware of these products, it is easy to get fooled.

Now that 2017 is coming to a close, what are the trendiest Korean skin care routines that we’ve seen thus far? Here are some of these trends, and they are expected to stay for this coming year:

Ten Step Routine for clear skin1. The use of the 10-step Korean beauty routine

The Peach & Lily skin care routine is notorious for being incredibly effortful, lengthy, and expensive. Imagine, you need to use ten different products every night, and that includes cleanser, exfoliator, scrub, toner, serum, eye cream, two types of mask, moisturizer, and a facial mist. It takes around one hour to complete this 10-step beauty routine. And even though it takes a big chunk of your time and money, it proves to be useful for both young and old. Therefore, this routine is expected to stay for the long run.

2. The use of neon colors

South Korea’s beauty industry may be the innovator of the “no makeup” look, but this coming 2018, it is expected that neon makeup colors will come to the fore, too. Ever tried neon orange eyeliners and lipsticks? The industry is projected to be creative with colors, tones, and shades.

As expected, South Korea once again will take its stand as the most innovative country when it comes to beauty products. Do not be afraid to try these new products, and feel free to mix and match products that you see fit.