I was looking around for some Christian-related video not long ago and was thrilled to rediscover a great footage of a 1992 fall show. So imagine my joy when I realized that I own the second skirt that comes down the runway! Thanks, eBay! Naturally, I had to take the skirt out for a celebratory spin.

Matching menswear skirtI love that the skirt is made of three different menswear fabrics. Of course, now I want the matching jacket I saw in the video. If you see that jacket on eBay, don’t even try. I will snipe it right out from under you. Luckily, you don’t have to risk my eBaying wrath to get this look, because there’s a mixed menswear skirt in the Francis Fall 2009 collection.

I’m fascinated by how a basic concept — menswear skirt — can be interpreted in such radically different ways. We have a little extra fabric for this skirt so we’re taking special orders for a few lucky clients. Don’t forget to tell me what size you are.

Also, anyone my age who wants to exclaim over the celebrity catwalker can do so in the comments.