Dysmenorrhea is a challenge for many women around the world. Some even have to go through this every month, and every time they have a period. If you are one of them and you have tried every possible solution, then you can consider seeking nature’s healing properties.

Extreme menstrual cramps can be excruciatingThere are varying levels of pain that women experience. While some can tolerate it and they can still do their daily activities, others have to be bedridden because of the excruciating pain. It is an unfortunate reality for many women. However, on the other side of the coin, having a regular period is better than having none at all.

Monthly periods are significant for a woman’s cycle because your body gets to replenish itself from physical and environmental stresses. At the end of each cycle, you get fresh hormones ready to protect you from life’s challenges. You get a healthier body system, and your body feels refreshed. Thus, getting a regular menstrual cycle is crucial to achieving and maintaining good health.

If you have been battling dysmenorrhea for some time now, what can you do about it? The YinOva Center in Manhattan can diminish the pain through age-old acupuncture therapy.  But, how can you alleviate the pain or better yet, avoid having it for life?

Some lucky women do not get to experience dysmenorrhea, and here are some tips to help you get rid of this excruciating pain forever:

1. Get regular exercise

Having a regular exercise routine is crucial to regulating your menstrual cycle. It can also strengthen your body, so you get to face body challenges and emerge even stronger. Exercise helps strengthen your muscles, so when you get your monthly period, your body is ready to experience it. Many athletes say they rarely ever experience dysmenorrhea, and they attribute it to their regular training. Make it a habit of going for exercises and establishing a routine. Do not force yourself too hard either, because overtraining can wreak havoc with your hormonal cycle.

Stay low on sodium to avoid dysmenorrhea2. Eat less processed and salty foods

As you move towards the beginning of your cycle, lessen your intake of processed and salty foods. Too much sodium can cause bloating and can have you hold on to water for longer. Therefore, you get to carry a more bloated feeling than expected during your period. It can get annoying and uncomfortable. So, strive to eat less salty foods and more alkaline foods. You can even go vegetarian when you have your monthly period, as doing so significantly helps you avoid having dysmenorrhea altogether.

3. Eat more iron and magnesium-rich foods

Source out your nutrients in foods, and not in supplements. Since you are losing a lot of blood during this time, it is best to replace your iron reserves. Eat more iron-rich foods like spinach and green leafy vegetables. You can even go for chicken, beef, or pork liver if you don’t mind eating meat.

Have bone broths at least once a day to help ease your regular flow. Bone broths carry with them lots of essential nutrients and minerals, so do not miss out on having them during this time of the month. You can prepare these broths days before the onset of your period, so you don’t have to get stressed out with making batches of them to sustain you during the duration of your cycle.

If you have been experiencing dysmenorrhea, consider these natural healing tips. Try these tips and make an effort to follow them every month. You may even surprise yourself and never experience dysmenorrhea ever again for the rest of your life.