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Buying Used Skydiving Gear

Hello! All the new skydivers, looking great in your license-stamp look which is shining right in the middle of your forehead. But don’t make the same mistake as most of the skydivers do, that is rush out for a brand new set of skydiving gear.

Keep in mind that your objective is to “get the right gear at the right time and the right point in your skydiving area.”

Now you have to be a little tricky while choosing your skydiving gear. Instead of rushing to the rental counter just buy your first set of gear as you will find that it is much more cost-effective. But yes, if it is the very first skydiving gear of yours then go for a used skydiving gear without investing in a new or rental one.

Complete Skydiving GetupIt is often found that people who have not started skydiving properly tend to buy skydiving gear.  As they have no idea about the gear, they often seem to prove dangerous to themselves from a financial standpoint.

So, it is necessary for them to remember that a good used skydiving gear is better than a brand new set if the same has a good shape, good quality and at the same time if it belongs from a good brand. Find out more about the 4 best places to buy used skydiving gear here and select your choice.

Before discussing the benefits of using the used skydiving gear let’s have a quick look at some of the important skydiving equipment.

The supply-and-demand curve in skydiving gear is really confusing. Sometimes, the graph of supply and demand varies a lot with high demand and low supply. The need for skydiving gear is also seasonal.

Strong demand is found in the month of March and April which continues up to September. So, it is advisable to shop outside this time frame.

It is also found a lot of the time that people take the suggestion of their friends. Now, it is not always necessary that the gear which is recommended by them is also best for you. So, it is good to do your homework.

How to select a Reserve Parachute which is already used?

Before buying a used reserve parachute go for the following tips:

  • Make sure it has a spotless shape.
  • It is not old enough.
  • It is not damaged previously and has no patches before.
  • Choose a reserve parachute with less rides-less than five can be accepted.

You can consult with an experienced rigger as they are the experts in this field. An expert rigger will always insist you to buy a used reserve parachute so that you can save a lot of your cash.

How to Choose a Used Main Canopy?

Go for a canopy that has undergone fewer jumps. With the passage of the season, the fabric of the canopy seems to become more porous. So, your first and foremost aim is to look for a used canopy with fewer jumps.

Find out the areas where your canopy used to rest- whether it was jumped at the grass top zones or it jumped at the desert drop zone. The silicate desert dust damages the protective covering of the fabric.

This can result in very serious accidents. Sometimes you have to be careful about the seawater landings also.

How to buy a used harness/container system?

Before buying a harness or container know the right size of both the canopies so that the harness or container can fit properly with them.

Take the help of a professional rigger to measure your body.

Wearing a parachute harnessThis practice is important indeed as the size of the harness depends upon both the height and weight of your body.

After you have chosen your parachute and the right container, try to get the serial number from the seller.

After getting the serial number, you can easily contact the manufacturer to know whether the container is fit enough for your parachute and your body.

Even if you find it is impossible to fit then the harness has to be resized. But this can be much expensive and buying a new gear may be more sensible. Otherwise, you can also go for the no-bells-and-whistles container.

How to buy a used Automatic Activated Device

It is very important for you to know that AAD is must to be bought. They are not optional. At present, the skydivers do not suffer from fatalities as often as compared to the previous ones.

The reason behind this is the use of ADD. So, while buying the AAD check the date of expiry.

It is rather good news for you that the quality of the AAD does not change over the period if it is under the expiration date. So, no need to worry about the damage if it is within its expiration date.

Another interesting fact about the AAD is that you get a good resell value.

So, you can readily go for a new one if your pocket permits.

Some important suggestions before buying the used skydiving gear:

  • It is not possible to get always the equipment which matches your preferences and choice, so, you have to accept it open-heartedly.
  • Go for an expert or professional rigger. He would eventually guide you to buy the perfect gear that is suitable for you. This valuable guideline of the rigger will serve you as insurance and not as a burden of expense. The only investment you have to make is to pay the rigger (probably around $25). But it is nominal in comparison with valuable advice.
  • Lastly, trust your instincts. If you are dissatisfied with any of the potential component of your skydiving kit, even if it is suggested by your rigger or friend then simply discard it and don’t go for it. It can never come up to your expectation, and the result would be an adverse one thereby affecting your whole career of skydiving.

To conclude, your diving gears are the most important elements of skydiving and needs to be carefully purchased. It’s not necessary to purchase first-hand gears as for some they could get a little more expensive, but while selecting second-hand gear, make sure you take into consideration some important safety components for a safe dive.

Menswear Skirts, Then and Now

I was looking around for some Christian-related video not long ago and was thrilled to rediscover a great footage of a 1992 fall show. So imagine my joy when I realized that I own the second skirt that comes down the runway! Thanks, eBay! Naturally, I had to take the skirt out for a celebratory spin.

Matching menswear skirtI love that the skirt is made of three different menswear fabrics. Of course, now I want the matching jacket I saw in the video. If you see that jacket on eBay, don’t even try. I will snipe it right out from under you. Luckily, you don’t have to risk my eBaying wrath to get this look, because there’s a mixed menswear skirt in the Francis Fall 2009 collection.

I’m fascinated by how a basic concept — menswear skirt — can be interpreted in such radically different ways. We have a little extra fabric for this skirt so we’re taking special orders for a few lucky clients. Don’t forget to tell me what size you are.

Also, anyone my age who wants to exclaim over the celebrity catwalker can do so in the comments.

Perfect Your First Dance for the Wedding

Your first dance at your wedding. For sure, it is not your “first dance” per se, but it means a lot to you and to many seeing you doing your first official dance as a couple. So, preparing for it should not be taken lightly.

Couples usually put in a lot of effort in preparing for this first dance. It is good news if your partner loves dancing, but it can be nerve-wracking if it has always been a struggle for you to dance to the rhythm. While some couples opt not to do this first dance, most still go with the tradition.

For months leading up to your wedding day, how do you prepare for your first dance? There are so many factors to consider, aside from hiring the best New York & Manhattan wedding band, and it can get confusing. And especially if your partner is not into dancing, it gets even more challenging.

To guide you through the process, here are some tips for you and your partner to best prep you up for your first wedding dance:

1. Dance to the tune that you both like

It just makes sense that you and your partner should enjoy the dance you will be doing. So, you must dance to a song that you both like. It should never be just a decision of one since you both will not enjoy the dance if the song choice is one-sided. You can both go through your playlists and check the songs that are played the most. Then you can further narrow down your options until you find the right song for your first dance.

2. Learn the basic stance

You can dance however you want for your first dance, but it also pays to learn the basics. Every couple dance must have a “leader” and “follower,” and whoever is the stronger dancer must be the “leader.” It isn’t always necessary that the male partner must be the “leader” (sexism at its best!) because skill should be the defining factor when it comes to allotting this role.

If you are the “leader,” you must place your right hand at the back of the left shoulder of your partner with your elbows slightly angled upward from the ground. If you are the “follower,” you must allow your partner’s right arm to lift your left arm, while putting your other hand on his/her shoulder.

You can practice this stance often until you both become natural at it. It may sound too easy, but, in fact, it takes a while to get better at being natural at this. It provides an excellent foundation for your dance, so practice this well.

Practice your wedding dance to get it perfect3. Learn the basic steps

Based on your song choice, you can figure out which step you should choose. Is it cha-cha, mambo, pasodoble, tango, or swing? If you are unsure as to what step suits your song choice, you can ask for advice from a dance instructor. It is crucial to get this right because you get to dance to the rhythm of your song choice. It may be natural for dancers, but for those who are not into dancing, these steps must be learned.

4. Practice your ending

The finale of your dance should not always end up with a dip. There are so many ways to end your dance, and you can be creative on this one. Make it memorable and most of all, picture-perfect.

It is crucial that you and your partner get to show your personalities on your first official dance as a couple, so personalize it and do not be afraid to be unique. If you are the dancer between the two of you, guide your partner and be patient with him/her. And if you are new to dancing in front of an audience, be willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn and practice dance.

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