I expect that quite a few of you readers know about Fashion’s Night Out, the worldwide fashion extravaganza taking place on September 10. But did anyone besides me notice that the website says (emphasis mine), “Champagne may flow; hors d’oeuvres may be passed.” That website has a fear of commitment!

I’m going to be braver than the website. I guarantee Champagne will flow at my FNO after-party at the Francis studio on September 11. I guarantee you’ll meet Christian and peek at the Spring 2010 collection. I guarantee you’ll get to try on pieces from the beautiful Fall 2009 collection. I guarantee we’ll (meaning myself and y’all, because Christian is working) go out for dinner after.

A bunch of gorgeous bloggers have already signed up for the evening.

I might be able to squeeze in a couple more, so if you want to join us, hit me up at wendy at cfrnyc dot com. (You don’t have to be a blogger to attend; civilians are welcome.) It may be the most fun you have all Fashion Week!

UPDATED TO ADD: Also attending … Nova Style, 39th and Broadway, Thrifty Fashionista and Princess Poochie! I think we’re at maximum capacity! If you’ve told me you’re attending and you’re NOT on this list please let me know.