The best fashion is transformative. Not just in the obvious way, by changing how you look, but by lifting your spirits as well.

As I previously posted, three friends came to the Francis studio for shopping and sangria last Wednesday . One of them was the beauteous Jennifer Weitzman. After a hard day at the office, Jen battled pouring rain, flash floods, thunder and lightning to make it to the studio. She wasn’t in her “happy place” when she came through the door. But she was so uplifted by trying on Christian’s clothes that she ended the night on a different plane. I mean a different emotional plane, not a plane to Paris, though the latter would have been great too, not to mention super-spontaneous. I was so delighted and inspired by her joy that I asked her to write a few words for this blog. Without further ado, here is JenW, my first guest blogger:

“When Wendy wrote and said I must check out this fabulous new line from Christian Francis Roth I instantly became intrigued. Not only did Wendy design the most gorgeous jewelry I wore for my wedding but my friend knows how to dress. I was ‘gold, Jerry, gold.’”

“After walking along Mulberry Street in the monsoon, I found the design studio and I felt as if I walked into heaven. Besides being greeted by my other fabulous blogger friends Tina and Thumbelina Fashionista, I landed safely in a world of colorful fabrics and rich jewel tones. Wendy led the way, pointing out the spring/summer line of wonderful pieced dresses made from supersoft mercerized cotton and the over-the-top holiday collection. I picked out a tiered black and white holiday skirt with the cutest floral appliqué, a cobalt-blue holiday dress with gorgeous ruffles to wear to a wedding and the pieced dress to wear now. Heaven. All of it. Where has this been all my shopping life? The details are amazing and so carefully thought out. I sashayed out of the dressing room/bathroom and showed off in front of CFR. Don’t you always try on clothes in front of the creator? What’s even better is I got a glimpse of things to come and I’m really excited for more. The only way to top off this fabulous evening was with peach sangrias around the corner with everyone!”

And here is Jen in her new summer dress!

Thank you, JenW, for writing about your experience and for lifting MY spirits! I needed that.

By the way, Bloomie’s has a few different styles of knit Francis dresses here, here and here. If you want Jen’s dress, we have it at the studio, so holla at me and I’ll send one out to you. Remember, if you’re in New York, I’m always delighted to bring you to the studio myself for a try-on session like the one Jen had. Even though the studio just moved to the West 40s from Mulberry Street, I’ll take you downtown to Emporio for the peach sangria too. I promise!