I am currently in Paris. I’ve had great timing. Not only was I here for Bastille Day, but I also was able to catch the Cartier Foundation’s graffiti exhibition, Ne Dans La Rue (Born in the Streets). My second and third posts for this blog were about how graffiti inspired a whole group of pieces in Christian’s Spring ‘09 collection.

Luckily, I brought along the perfect Francis dress to wear to the exhibition.

Tag! I’m it!

If you’re in Paris between now and November 29, you should definitely check out the exhibit, which has photos of the original subway art from the ’70s and ’80s, newly commissioned pieces, Basquiats, Harings, video interviews (I loved the one in which former New York City mayor Ed Koch proposed five days in jail for repeat graffiti offenders), movie clips and music videos. And if you want to cause people to do double takes like I did, you can buy a Francis graffiti dress just like mine at bloomingdales.com, where it is currently reduced to $486.50, from $695.

If you don’t get to go, you can get a little of the vibe from the Clash’s This Is Radio Clash video, which was running along with Blondie’s Rapture video on one of the monitors.

I had totally forgotten about the graffiti element in the Clash video. Joe Strummer, forgive me!

UPDATED TO ADD: To continue the international theme, you must check out gorgeous blogger Mer’s post on an Au Revoir Simone concert in Barcelona, where band member Erika Forster wore her Francis subway map dress. And speaking of the dress, FabSugarUK has posted a “love it/hate it” poll on it. WTF? The only voting options should be “love it/love it so much I can’t live without it.”