If you read my other blog, you might remember the adorable Francis “undone bow tie” dress that I recently wore while standing over a subway grate. If you missed that post, click the picture to read it.

I wore the same dress Sunday night and met some gentlemen who wondered if the bow tie could actually be tied. One of them did it for me. We were at a place that frowns upon photography, but I sneaked a cell-phone picture anyway.

Two looks for the price of one! If you want to get your own bow-tie dress, it’s available at Nordstrom for $350. Click here to shop.

Speaking of ties, I was surprised to see that Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, a 1990 movie by Pedro Almodovar, has been discontinued on DVD by the manufacturer. You can still get it from individual sellers on Amazon. I recommend that and any other Almodovar movie that has Spanish actress Rossy de Palma in it. She’s very charismatic and has the most extraordinary face.

My favorite Almodovar movie is still 1988’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. I did a presentation on it for my college Spanish class — in Spanish, of course. Practically the only Spanish I remember is, “No hablo espanol,” but I distinctly recall that when Rossy first appeared on screen, people in the audience gasped. This trailer does not do the movie justice, but you do catch a glimpse of Rossy in it.

By the way, Antonio Banderas appears in both Women on the Verge and Tie Me Up! and he is muy guapo!