Wimbledon starts today, but what’s the point? Rafael Nadal won’t be there.

Last week, the muy caliente Spaniard — currently the top-ranked tennis player in the world and last year’s Wimbledon champ — pulled out of the tournament due to knee problems. I bet y’all were pretty upset by this. Maybe you felt like crying and throwing things. Maybe you even felt like breaking a tennis racquet. Well, there’s no need to hurt your racquet when you can express your distress more fashionably by wearing the SmacEnroe broken tennis racquet necklace, designed by Wendy Brandes for Francis.

The SmacEnroe is a big, bad-ass piece of solid sterling silver. Check out that tennis ball picture above. You can practically serve one of those balls with this thing. For some more size perspective, here’s a picture of the necklace next to my smaller-than-a-dime Teeny Genie necklace.


I have one necklace available for $375. One of you bad-girl athletes, subversive country club ladies, or provocative U.S. Open regulars needs to have this. Just make sure you are ready to get a LOT of attention, because this piece doesn’t go unnoticed. The only thing likely to draw more onlookers is a shirtless Nadal. Of course, if crazy screaming tennis teen Michelle Larcher de Brito shows up, all bets are off. No one can think straight when she’s around.

By the way, the New York Times Magazine had a great cover story on Nadal yesterday. Click here to read it.

UPDATED TO ADD: The SmacEnroe is SOLD to gorgeous blogger Denise at The Swelle Life. That’s the only one I had in stock right now, but if you want to order one, holla at me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com and I’ll whip up another for you.