Gorgeous blogger Fashion Herald and her colleagues had a great time modeling FH’s new Nerd Bird vest by Francis a few days ago. I loved seeing the Nerd Bird girls looking so happy. And, as a bonus, Fashion Herald included an insane and highlarious Family Guy clip in her post.

Fashion Herald gave you the lowdown on buying the Nerd Bird vest at Macy’s. For you online shoppers, the vest is available at Nordstrom.com for only $129.90 — 50% off the original price. Buy it and join Fashion Herald’s Nerd Bird gang.

As an alternative, you can get the Nerd Bird blazer that I have. It is also 50% off. If you get one and live in or visit New York, I swear I’ll get you together with Christian so you can recreate this picture I took with him. He gets to do throw the Nerd Bird gang sign. All you have to do is stand there and laugh like I did.