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Buying Used Skydiving Gear

Hello! All the new skydivers, looking great in your license-stamp look which is shining right in the middle of your forehead. But don’t make the same mistake as most of the skydivers do, that is rush out for a brand new set of skydiving gear.

Keep in mind that your objective is to “get the right gear at the right time and the right point in your skydiving area.”

Now you have to be a little tricky while choosing your skydiving gear. Instead of rushing to the rental counter just buy your first set of gear as you will find that it is much more cost-effective. But yes, if it is the very first skydiving gear of yours then go for a used skydiving gear without investing in a new or rental one.

Complete Skydiving GetupIt is often found that people who have not started skydiving properly tend to buy skydiving gear.  As they have no idea about the gear, they often seem to prove dangerous to themselves from a financial standpoint.

So, it is necessary for them to remember that a good used skydiving gear is better than a brand new set if the same has a good shape, good quality and at the same time if it belongs from a good brand. Find out more about the 4 best places to buy used skydiving gear here and select your choice.

Before discussing the benefits of using the used skydiving gear let’s have a quick look at some of the important skydiving equipment.

The supply-and-demand curve in skydiving gear is really confusing. Sometimes, the graph of supply and demand varies a lot with high demand and low supply. The need for skydiving gear is also seasonal.

Strong demand is found in the month of March and April which continues up to September. So, it is advisable to shop outside this time frame.

It is also found a lot of the time that people take the suggestion of their friends. Now, it is not always necessary that the gear which is recommended by them is also best for you. So, it is good to do your homework.

How to select a Reserve Parachute which is already used?

Before buying a used reserve parachute go for the following tips:

  • Make sure it has a spotless shape.
  • It is not old enough.
  • It is not damaged previously and has no patches before.
  • Choose a reserve parachute with less rides-less than five can be accepted.

You can consult with an experienced rigger as they are the experts in this field. An expert rigger will always insist you to buy a used reserve parachute so that you can save a lot of your cash.

How to Choose a Used Main Canopy?

Go for a canopy that has undergone fewer jumps. With the passage of the season, the fabric of the canopy seems to become more porous. So, your first and foremost aim is to look for a used canopy with fewer jumps.

Find out the areas where your canopy used to rest- whether it was jumped at the grass top zones or it jumped at the desert drop zone. The silicate desert dust damages the protective covering of the fabric.

This can result in very serious accidents. Sometimes you have to be careful about the seawater landings also.

How to buy a used harness/container system?

Before buying a harness or container know the right size of both the canopies so that the harness or container can fit properly with them.

Take the help of a professional rigger to measure your body.

Wearing a parachute harnessThis practice is important indeed as the size of the harness depends upon both the height and weight of your body.

After you have chosen your parachute and the right container, try to get the serial number from the seller.

After getting the serial number, you can easily contact the manufacturer to know whether the container is fit enough for your parachute and your body.

Even if you find it is impossible to fit then the harness has to be resized. But this can be much expensive and buying a new gear may be more sensible. Otherwise, you can also go for the no-bells-and-whistles container.

How to buy a used Automatic Activated Device

It is very important for you to know that AAD is must to be bought. They are not optional. At present, the skydivers do not suffer from fatalities as often as compared to the previous ones.

The reason behind this is the use of ADD. So, while buying the AAD check the date of expiry.

It is rather good news for you that the quality of the AAD does not change over the period if it is under the expiration date. So, no need to worry about the damage if it is within its expiration date.

Another interesting fact about the AAD is that you get a good resell value.

So, you can readily go for a new one if your pocket permits.

Some important suggestions before buying the used skydiving gear:

  • It is not possible to get always the equipment which matches your preferences and choice, so, you have to accept it open-heartedly.
  • Go for an expert or professional rigger. He would eventually guide you to buy the perfect gear that is suitable for you. This valuable guideline of the rigger will serve you as insurance and not as a burden of expense. The only investment you have to make is to pay the rigger (probably around $25). But it is nominal in comparison with valuable advice.
  • Lastly, trust your instincts. If you are dissatisfied with any of the potential component of your skydiving kit, even if it is suggested by your rigger or friend then simply discard it and don’t go for it. It can never come up to your expectation, and the result would be an adverse one thereby affecting your whole career of skydiving.

To conclude, your diving gears are the most important elements of skydiving and needs to be carefully purchased. It’s not necessary to purchase first-hand gears as for some they could get a little more expensive, but while selecting second-hand gear, make sure you take into consideration some important safety components for a safe dive.


I love to say “I told you so” … and I told you so: the trompe l’oeil zipper dress is the hit of the season.

Of course, I grabbed one the very day it was delivered to the studio.

Wendy Brandes zipper dress
WendyB in the zipper dress


Then our gorgeous clients MaryClaire of Fabulous Girl’s Boudoir, Jordana of Clutch 22, Amanda and Lee each bought one.

There is ONE are two left in the studio and they are sizes 6 and 10. This dress is very easy to alter, I’d say grab the closest size (go up, not down from your usual size) and cut it to suit you. It’s worth it! If you want another size, check out the Impulse Department at Macy’s.

Speaking of things with zip, did you know the song Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah won the Academy Award for best original song in 1947? Interestingly, Song of the South, the Disney movie that featured Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, has never been released in its entirety on video or DVD. (Let’s just say the movie was made in less enlightened times and no one wants to go there now.) But the song took on a life of its own: everyone from Louis Armstrong to Miley Cyrus has recorded it. The Jackson 5 recorded it for their first album and YouTube has a clip of the Jacksons performing it live. The video quality is poor but young Michael Jackson’s voice is amazing.

Menswear Skirts, Then and Now

I was looking around for some Christian-related video not long ago and was thrilled to rediscover a great footage of a 1992 fall show. So imagine my joy when I realized that I own the second skirt that comes down the runway! Thanks, eBay! Naturally, I had to take the skirt out for a celebratory spin.

Matching menswear skirtI love that the skirt is made of three different menswear fabrics. Of course, now I want the matching jacket I saw in the video. If you see that jacket on eBay, don’t even try. I will snipe it right out from under you. Luckily, you don’t have to risk my eBaying wrath to get this look, because there’s a mixed menswear skirt in the Francis Fall 2009 collection.

I’m fascinated by how a basic concept — menswear skirt — can be interpreted in such radically different ways. We have a little extra fabric for this skirt so we’re taking special orders for a few lucky clients. Don’t forget to tell me what size you are.

Also, anyone my age who wants to exclaim over the celebrity catwalker can do so in the comments.

Choosing a Personal Chef for Your Dietary Needs

Personal chefs play an essential role in managing and planning your meals, as they are highly sensitive to your dietary and nutritional meals. Since they have been trained professionally to do what they do, these chefs are confident with their recommendations and the choices they make. Many affluent people have personal chefs in their homes because they put health as their top priority. Weight management is also something that many wealthy people always think about because being in the right weight shows an image of good health and excellent habits. Therefore, instead of putting everything into guesswork, people choose to hire a personal chef to satisfy their dietary needs.

You might not afford Gordon Ramsay but a fancy personal chef might just do the same jobThese days, fortunately, it is not only the rich and famous who get to hire a personal chef. Since there are now many upcoming chefs that want to showcase their services, consumers are given the option to recruit new chefs who offer their services at a low price. By providing their service at a low cost, these new chefs get to put their feet in the door, expand their network, and meet mentors who may help them rise to fame. So, if you have a set budget and you want to hire your own private chef, now is the best time to try it.

There are now many options to choose from online, so which one will you go for? It is a tough decision to make, especially if you don’t know anybody who has tried a chef’s services just yet. Fortunately, the internet is right there at your fingertips so you can do your proper research. If you do your due diligence, you can find the right fit for your needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your chef:

1. Budget

If you have a set budget and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, you need to find the right chef that can fit your budget needs. For sure, doing your cooking is always going to be cheaper than hiring a personal chef. But if you want to get that feeling of exclusivity and you are a foodie who is forever dissatisfied with your cooking, then you can consider hiring one. Of course, not all chefs have the same rates. Those with more experience or have a lot of laurels on their shoulders are going to be more expensive to hire than new chefs. If your budget limits you, you can choose to hire a new chef for now. Expensive is not always better because food is a matter of personal preference. A chef may serve you the best beef tartare out there, but if you don’t like the tangy taste of the dish, then you may choose the cheaper version which is a lot sweeter.

2. Level of rapport

Hiring a personal chef is like hiring a personal trainer. The level of rapport is crucial between you and the chef, because if there isn’t any, then good communication would be absent. Proper communication is vital when it comes to food preparation. It is because it is not only the food per se that is crucial but also the passion that goes into it. If the chef is not as passionate as you are with food, and you do not get along well, then chances are you will not enjoy the dishes served to you. The reason why communication is also essential is that, saying your preference is crucial. If you do not get along well with your chosen chef, then you cannot enjoy the dishes no matter how supposedly yummy they are.

3. Taste

As mentioned, the choice of food is a personal preference. Therefore, what is yummy to you may not be tasty to another person. And what you think is the best pasta dish may be the worst for another person. So, as you can see, the ideas of “delicious” and “yuck” are both highly relative.

Therefore, for you to truly enjoy the services of a hired chef, both of your tastes should match. You may like your food to be on the sweet side, but the chef may like doing his dishes with a tangy flavor. Or you may hate anything with onions, but your chosen chef may find it impossible to cook with them. So, before you register for a chef’s services, make sure that your tastes are in-line with each other.

Before you go for a private chef’s service, make sure that you get to try his/her dishes first. You can visit his/her restaurant first, or you can register for a trial often offered at a discounted price. Doing this is a good option before you delve into something without trying it first. So, make sure that you are completely okay with the chef’s style of cooking before sign up for his/her services.

Choosing a personal chef may take your time before you decide on one. But be patient, and know that you need to be sure of your decision before you delve into signing up for a personal chef’s service.

Nature’s Answer to Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a challenge for many women around the world. Some even have to go through this every month, and every time they have a period. If you are one of them and you have tried every possible solution, then you can consider seeking nature’s healing properties.

Extreme menstrual cramps can be excruciatingThere are varying levels of pain that women experience. While some can tolerate it and they can still do their daily activities, others have to be bedridden because of the excruciating pain. It is an unfortunate reality for many women. However, on the other side of the coin, having a regular period is better than having none at all.

Monthly periods are significant for a woman’s cycle because your body gets to replenish itself from physical and environmental stresses. At the end of each cycle, you get fresh hormones ready to protect you from life’s challenges. You get a healthier body system, and your body feels refreshed. Thus, getting a regular menstrual cycle is crucial to achieving and maintaining good health.

If you have been battling dysmenorrhea for some time now, what can you do about it? The YinOva Center in Manhattan can diminish the pain through age-old acupuncture therapy.  But, how can you alleviate the pain or better yet, avoid having it for life?

Some lucky women do not get to experience dysmenorrhea, and here are some tips to help you get rid of this excruciating pain forever:

1. Get regular exercise

Having a regular exercise routine is crucial to regulating your menstrual cycle. It can also strengthen your body, so you get to face body challenges and emerge even stronger. Exercise helps strengthen your muscles, so when you get your monthly period, your body is ready to experience it. Many athletes say they rarely ever experience dysmenorrhea, and they attribute it to their regular training. Make it a habit of going for exercises and establishing a routine. Do not force yourself too hard either, because overtraining can wreak havoc with your hormonal cycle.

Stay low on sodium to avoid dysmenorrhea2. Eat less processed and salty foods

As you move towards the beginning of your cycle, lessen your intake of processed and salty foods. Too much sodium can cause bloating and can have you hold on to water for longer. Therefore, you get to carry a more bloated feeling than expected during your period. It can get annoying and uncomfortable. So, strive to eat less salty foods and more alkaline foods. You can even go vegetarian when you have your monthly period, as doing so significantly helps you avoid having dysmenorrhea altogether.

3. Eat more iron and magnesium-rich foods

Source out your nutrients in foods, and not in supplements. Since you are losing a lot of blood during this time, it is best to replace your iron reserves. Eat more iron-rich foods like spinach and green leafy vegetables. You can even go for chicken, beef, or pork liver if you don’t mind eating meat.

Have bone broths at least once a day to help ease your regular flow. Bone broths carry with them lots of essential nutrients and minerals, so do not miss out on having them during this time of the month. You can prepare these broths days before the onset of your period, so you don’t have to get stressed out with making batches of them to sustain you during the duration of your cycle.

If you have been experiencing dysmenorrhea, consider these natural healing tips. Try these tips and make an effort to follow them every month. You may even surprise yourself and never experience dysmenorrhea ever again for the rest of your life.

Trendy Korean Beauty Products You Can Try

If you talk about beauty innovations, South Korea is the first thing that comes to mind. The fast-fashion industry is a new trend that has paved the way for brands like Uniqlo and H&M to rise to fame across the world. In the past, people were more practical in that they only bought clothes that they needed for the season. Reusing your sweater every year used to be acceptable. However, these days, because of the low cost of clothing, more people are willing to try different styles and designs that suit their interests.

Korean beauty products to complete the trendy 10 step routineJust like with fashion, the South Korean beauty industry is no different, with lots of products being released season after season. There are over a hundred BB and CC creams to choose from, and facial masks that won’t run out of unique ingredient combinations. When it comes to cosmetics and skin care, South Korea is no stranger to constant innovation. And with the massive advertising budgets South Korean beauty product manufacturers enjoy, everyone outside the country is now exposed to these beauty secrets. The government has been especially supportive, too, with tax incentives and state funding that it generously gives out to beauty innovators. Fans can now be found far and wide, from New Zealand to Chile and South Africa.

The reason as to why Korean beauty products have become popular through the years is because they got to perfect the “no makeup” look. Many people strive to achieve this look, where they look incredibly polished and blemish-free, while not being too obvious with the cover-up. Most people cannot tell that you are wearing makeup if you make it as natural as possible. That’s why this is the look that most people want to achieve.

BB cream, CC cream, and blush and lip tints are some of the most well-loved South Korean beauty products around the world. As you can see, these promise the “no makeup” look, where you get to appear sleek and spotless without being too tacky in doing so. BB and CC creams allow you to hide your blemishes, and these help your skin look smooth and silky. Blush and lip tints will enable you to look like you have naturally rosy cheeks and red lips. If you are unaware of these products, it is easy to get fooled.

Now that 2017 is coming to a close, what are the trendiest Korean skin care routines that we’ve seen thus far? Here are some of these trends, and they are expected to stay for this coming year:

Ten Step Routine for clear skin1. The use of the 10-step Korean beauty routine

The Peach & Lily skin care routine is notorious for being incredibly effortful, lengthy, and expensive. Imagine, you need to use ten different products every night, and that includes cleanser, exfoliator, scrub, toner, serum, eye cream, two types of mask, moisturizer, and a facial mist. It takes around one hour to complete this 10-step beauty routine. And even though it takes a big chunk of your time and money, it proves to be useful for both young and old. Therefore, this routine is expected to stay for the long run.

2. The use of neon colors

South Korea’s beauty industry may be the innovator of the “no makeup” look, but this coming 2018, it is expected that neon makeup colors will come to the fore, too. Ever tried neon orange eyeliners and lipsticks? The industry is projected to be creative with colors, tones, and shades.

As expected, South Korea once again will take its stand as the most innovative country when it comes to beauty products. Do not be afraid to try these new products, and feel free to mix and match products that you see fit.

Perfect Your First Dance for the Wedding

Your first dance at your wedding. For sure, it is not your “first dance” per se, but it means a lot to you and to many seeing you doing your first official dance as a couple. So, preparing for it should not be taken lightly.

Couples usually put in a lot of effort in preparing for this first dance. It is good news if your partner loves dancing, but it can be nerve-wracking if it has always been a struggle for you to dance to the rhythm. While some couples opt not to do this first dance, most still go with the tradition.

For months leading up to your wedding day, how do you prepare for your first dance? There are so many factors to consider, aside from hiring the best New York & Manhattan wedding band, and it can get confusing. And especially if your partner is not into dancing, it gets even more challenging.

To guide you through the process, here are some tips for you and your partner to best prep you up for your first wedding dance:

1. Dance to the tune that you both like

It just makes sense that you and your partner should enjoy the dance you will be doing. So, you must dance to a song that you both like. It should never be just a decision of one since you both will not enjoy the dance if the song choice is one-sided. You can both go through your playlists and check the songs that are played the most. Then you can further narrow down your options until you find the right song for your first dance.

2. Learn the basic stance

You can dance however you want for your first dance, but it also pays to learn the basics. Every couple dance must have a “leader” and “follower,” and whoever is the stronger dancer must be the “leader.” It isn’t always necessary that the male partner must be the “leader” (sexism at its best!) because skill should be the defining factor when it comes to allotting this role.

If you are the “leader,” you must place your right hand at the back of the left shoulder of your partner with your elbows slightly angled upward from the ground. If you are the “follower,” you must allow your partner’s right arm to lift your left arm, while putting your other hand on his/her shoulder.

You can practice this stance often until you both become natural at it. It may sound too easy, but, in fact, it takes a while to get better at being natural at this. It provides an excellent foundation for your dance, so practice this well.

Practice your wedding dance to get it perfect3. Learn the basic steps

Based on your song choice, you can figure out which step you should choose. Is it cha-cha, mambo, pasodoble, tango, or swing? If you are unsure as to what step suits your song choice, you can ask for advice from a dance instructor. It is crucial to get this right because you get to dance to the rhythm of your song choice. It may be natural for dancers, but for those who are not into dancing, these steps must be learned.

4. Practice your ending

The finale of your dance should not always end up with a dip. There are so many ways to end your dance, and you can be creative on this one. Make it memorable and most of all, picture-perfect.

It is crucial that you and your partner get to show your personalities on your first official dance as a couple, so personalize it and do not be afraid to be unique. If you are the dancer between the two of you, guide your partner and be patient with him/her. And if you are new to dancing in front of an audience, be willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn and practice dance.

Wearing Clothes To Suit Your Figure

There are so many ladies out there who just want to look and feel great in clothes, feel fashionable and feel confident. In recent years people have started to discover the secret to looking fabulous – Body Shapes. If the person knows her correct body shape, then there is plenty of advice available on the types of clothes that she should wear, and the types that she should avoid.

Different women body shapesOf course, every single person looks different, and one pear-shaped person may be taller than the other or have a few more wobbly bits than the other. While finding the right shape isn’t always the exact case, but if women can find the one most similar to them, then they are already half-way to being better looking and more confident!

Apple Shape

Here is how to tell which body shape a person is: The four most common shapes are Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Rectangle. For an Apple shape, the upper body will be bigger than the lower, so it is important to draw attention from the waist to the legs. Jeans are an excellent way to do this, especially if they have back pockets to give the bottom a slight curve. Avoid tight/skinny jeans as they will look even more prominent on top, avoid dark tops with lots of patterns, and wear A-line or short skirts 1-5inches above the knee. And wear the correct sized bra – four breasts is unattractive!

Pear Shape

Pear-shaped people (the most common) usually have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body, so it’s important to find a balance between the two. Fitted tops in bright and light colors with different prints look fantastic, and A-lined or flared skirts make the hips and legs look slimmer. With jeans, always stick to wide or straight legged types in darker colors. If anyone wants to draw attention to the smaller top half and away from the hips, necklaces and earrings is a great way to do this.


If anyone is lucky enough to have an Hourglass figure, then they will have a perfect balance as the shoulders and curvy hips are equal in size. Do not be afraid of patterns – embrace them! They will ultimately accentuate the figure and make anyone look just incredible! V-neck tops are probably the best look with some stretch denim jeans as they will emphasize the hips and narrow the waist even more than usual. Skirt lovers should wear ¾ length or full-length skirts, and the most important thing to remember is not to hide the fabulous figure in baggy clothes!

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shaped ladies will already know that they have a great pair of legs which they should proudly show off by wearing trousers or jeans with a low-rise and back pocket to make the bottom look curvier. They can get away with wearing any type of skirt, a pencil type probably looking the most glamorous! Because the figure is straight up, avoid wearing vertical patterns unless the woman wants to look even thinner than she already is (which isn’t always a good look), but go instead for scoop neck or v-neck tops to give more of a curvy figure.

Look Good!

Hopefully, this will give everyone an idea of what they are and what they should wear, so they can go and embrace it, have fun and look great!

Marketing Your Brand on YouTube this 2018

The video-sharing platform YouTube first took the world by storm in the early 2000s, ultimately transforming the online landscape. Before the birth of YouTube, texts dominated the way we learn things and shared information. With the increasingly visual generation, and more people leaning towards photos and videos over texts, it is no wonder why YouTube became an overnight sensation.

"Me at Zoo" is considered the first YouTube videoThe first YouTubers were lucky to hit the market early before everyone else did. Most of these early YouTube publishers are now incredibly popular online, amassing millions of followers from all over the world. If you look at these YouTubers’ first videos, you will get surprised with the massive improvement in what they offer. From self-taken videos that are of low quality, their productions are now complete with amazing layouts, backgrounds, and edits. Many YouTube stars are now millionaires of their own, thanks to their channels.

But in time, the marketing formula that worked before does not hold its magic any longer. From paid views, paid likes, to affiliate marketing, YouTube stars once earned significant sums from these tools alone. These days, however, affiliate marketing is going passé, so as paid views and paid likes (which are now considered illegal—if you get caught). So, YouTubers now have to improvise and find ways to monetize their channels, given this new online marketing landscape. Or they can just consult the most trusted Rochester SEO agency for the freshest ways to get ahead online.

If you have a YouTube channel and have been noticing a decline in audience approval, how do you get back up from this roadblock? How do you stay relevant despite the many challenges that you face? And how do you keep yourself apart from the rest of the competition?

Here are some tips to help you market your brand on YouTube this year 2018:

1. Assess your visual appeal

These days, audiences online have very high expectations of photo and video productions. That is why the need to produce high-quality videos cannot be underestimated. If you have been noticing a decline in audience appeal, it is time to look at the videos that you publish. Make sure that your videos have excellent audio, appealing shots, and creative edits. You cannot merely shoot and publish these days. You don’t want to waste time and energy into publishing videos that no one will watch.

Marketing your brand without the hardsell2. Advertise yourself in your videos

No, you don’t have to mention your brand’s name all the time because that’s annoying to everyone. One non-tacky and straightforward way to advertise yourself on your videos is to put your logo on all your publishing. Not only is it a free way to market yourself, but you also get to protect your copyright for the video. It is crucial for you to think of a logo that makes an impact on your target audience. There is no use in utilizing generic logos that can quickly be siphoned off the internet. You have to be original and to think through your logo, so your current and potential customers can remember you. And at the end of every video, do not forget to publish your website and on what social media channels your audience can reach you. Your website and social media pages are your business cards online, so make use of them wisely.

YouTube is still a popular video-sharing platform all over the world, and it is still an excellent way to market your brand online. Make the most of this platform, and do not waste your time and resources in publishing low-quality videos that no one wants to watch.

Invasion of the Blog People

Last night, I invited more than a dozen gorgeous bloggers to Christian’s studio to drink Champagne, see the Spring 2010 collection and shop Fall 2009. Our guests were Jennine from The Coveted, Jordana from Clutch 22, the three Fasshonaburu ladies, Jessica from What I Wore, the Jessica Rabbit-shaped Midtown Girl, Jillian from Nova Style, Pamela from Market Publique, 39th and Broadway, Jeanne from The Periodic Elements of Style, tiny Alixrose and repeat customer Princess Poochie.

I need to invest in a video camera so I can properly capture events like this. Still photos are nice, but they don’t let you hear the high-pitched squeals that followed the presentation of every darling spring dress, not to mention the giggling and gossiping. Christian was quite brave about it, but a couple of times I did find him hiding his office, checking baseball scores in a desperate effort to counteract estrogen overload.

Christian told us that Spring was inspired by the American Museum of Natural History’s famous dioramas. He imagined how the museum might display three species of fashionable New York ladies that he had identified and named. Here are his descriptions:

  • The Wild Sugartooth (cravus sucrosius) is an upbeat, social creature who displays lively colors and a bright smile. A springtime stroll past Dylan’s Candy Bar, Magnolia Bakery or Pinkberry is often rewarded by the sight of this species, which appears to enjoy nothing more than eating a sweet snack and wearing a pretty dress on a sunny day. (A subspecies of the Sugartooth can be found clad in gym clothes near the Cadbury Dairy Milk bars in supermarket aisles.)
  • The Eastern Gameling (brainius cumulonimbus) is a gifted and talented breed with a natural immunity to gloomy weather. While some may nap the rainy day away, the Eastern Gameling seizes the opportunity and invites her flock over for an afternoon of fun and games. But even while she’s perched in her apartment alone, she finds stimulation in the bright colors and bold graphic prints that fill her closet.
  • The cheerful Meadowspringer (novella picnicana) can be found in Central Park, frolicking around freshly mowed grasses or engaged in animated conversation around a picnic blanket. Well adapted to the landscape of fields and parks where she spends her free time, the Meadowspringer is as colorful as a flower shop and as melodious as an outdoor concert.

When Jordana tried on the same tartan dress I was already wearing, we decided to pose as mirror images. We ended up looking into each others’ eyes so intently for so long while everyone got their pictures that I felt obliged to ask her to marry me afterward.

Everyone looked adorable in their purchases. The most fortuitous one was by Fasshonaburu’s Alyssa. She was mourning the fact that she never got one of the graffiti-inspired dresses from the Spring 2009 collection, when lo and behold, we found a lone wrap dress lurking on a rack. How great does she look?

I’m hoping that Fasshonaburu’s Vyque (now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Francis skirt) follows through on her threat to organize a Francis-wearing flash mob for Fashion Week. I’ll be checking my phone for your text, Vyque.

Thanks again for coming, ladies! I hope you had a good time. And, to anyone who wasn’t able to join us last night, don’t fret! I’ll give you your own private tour of the studio any time. Holla at me at wendy at cfrnyc dot com and we’ll set it up.

UPDATED TO ADD: I had no idea that Princess Poochie DID have a Flip video camcorder. Here’s a half-minute clip that starts with the Jordana/WendyB mirror pose and gives you a good sense of the volume of voices in the studio. Now imagine that going on for 2 1/2 hours! I love hearing Princess Poochie saying, “Clothes, clothes, clothes…” in a sing-song voice.

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