Wearing Clothes To Suit Your Figure

There are so many ladies out there who just want to look and feel great in clothes, feel fashionable and feel confident. In recent years people have started to discover the secret to looking fabulous – Body Shapes. If the person knows her correct body shape, then there is plenty of advice available on the types of clothes that she should wear, and the types that she should avoid.

Different women body shapesOf course, every single person looks different, and one pear-shaped person may be taller than the other or have a few more wobbly bits than the other. While finding the right shape isn’t always the exact case, but if women can find the one most similar to them, then they are already half-way to being better looking and more confident!

Apple Shape

Here is how to tell which body shape a person is: The four most common shapes are Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Rectangle. For an Apple shape, the upper body will be bigger than the lower, so it is important to draw attention from the waist to the legs. Jeans are an excellent way to do this, especially if they have back pockets to give the bottom a slight curve. Avoid tight/skinny jeans as they will look even more prominent on top, avoid dark tops with lots of patterns, and wear A-line or short skirts 1-5inches above the knee. And wear the correct sized bra – four breasts is unattractive!

Pear Shape

Pear-shaped people (the most common) usually have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body, so it’s important to find a balance between the two. Fitted tops in bright and light colors with different prints look fantastic, and A-lined or flared skirts make the hips and legs look slimmer. With jeans, always stick to wide or straight legged types in darker colors. If anyone wants to draw attention to the smaller top half and away from the hips, necklaces and earrings is a great way to do this.


If anyone is lucky enough to have an Hourglass figure, then they will have a perfect balance as the shoulders and curvy hips are equal in size. Do not be afraid of patterns – embrace them! They will ultimately accentuate the figure and make anyone look just incredible! V-neck tops are probably the best look with some stretch denim jeans as they will emphasize the hips and narrow the waist even more than usual. Skirt lovers should wear ¾ length or full-length skirts, and the most important thing to remember is not to hide the fabulous figure in baggy clothes!

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shaped ladies will already know that they have a great pair of legs which they should proudly show off by wearing trousers or jeans with a low-rise and back pocket to make the bottom look curvier. They can get away with wearing any type of skirt, a pencil type probably looking the most glamorous! Because the figure is straight up, avoid wearing vertical patterns unless the woman wants to look even thinner than she already is (which isn’t always a good look), but go instead for scoop neck or v-neck tops to give more of a curvy figure.

Look Good!

Hopefully, this will give everyone an idea of what they are and what they should wear, so they can go and embrace it, have fun and look great!

Working Like a Dog at the Studio

When I first told my dogs, Henry and Gigi, that I would be doing this blog, they said, “Oh noes! We has enuf werk!” (They sometimes speak in loldog.) On my original blog, the dogs are frequently called upon to pose with purses and other objects, so the idea of more camera time overwhelmed them. Henry passed out from exhaustion at the mere thought.

“I’m soooo tired.”

gucci bag and dogDespite his concerns, Henry was energized by his first trip to the studio. It helped that Clementine cuddled him a lot. Henry likes the ladies. He likes the men too. He’s very friendly. I worry that if I turn my back on him for a second, he’ll go home with anyone who pets him. Hussy!

Henry stopped to smell the flowers at the front desk only to discover that some were plaid. The faux bouquet was made by an artist out of scraps of fabric from Christian’s fall collection. Clever, no?

But Henry was most intrigued by something he saw in the bookcase: Christian’s CFDA award from 1990.

He was happy to pose with it.

Henry would be honored just to be nominated!
“I can has award?”

Here’s a closeup to show it’s really Christian’s.

This particular award was the Perry Ellis award for emerging talent. (The award is now sponsored by Swarovski; Alexander Wang won it this year.) Christian was a whopping 21 years old when he won his. Kind of a late bloomer, right? Seriously, though, the typical person’s big accomplishment at that age is legally buying a beer. Meanwhile Christian was doing a whole clothing line.

I have lots of pictures of Christian’s ’90s work on my regular blog. Check out these links:

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Henry will visit the studio again soon and will report back on any other interesting tidbits that he sniffs out.

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